Africa is ready for you!

We inspire action and, through education, make change happen that will enhance and improve peoples’ lives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Who we are

Right for Education Foundation is a global campaign for education and empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa. We use the democratizing power of the internet to connect and build a community of Africans who, like us, believe that the future is Africa’s…

Our Approach

Digitalize the Classroom

We believe in education that goes beyond the classroom and that instigates independent thought and self-efficacy. We use digital technology to engage with and reach out to the furthest corners of Africa, making high quality learning materials available for free to everyone.

Equal Opportunities for All

Our mission is to give all Africans equal opportunity to live an educated, healthy and financially successful and independent life.

Free Access to Content

As an official partner of Facebook’s Free Basics platform, our materials are available without data charge to an ever-increasing population that is connected to the internet and to vital information through Facebook’s services.

Our Work

Together with our partners, we launch high profile educational campaigns and inspire action around Education, Business, Women’s and Human rights, Health & Medicine, Nature & Environment and Culture & Sports. We distribute content specifically written for our African audience, paying special respect to and incorporating their values and culture in all our work.

Rapid Growth

A trusted voice in the most promising and fast growing continent of the future.

Large Market

Products that reach, are read and shared by people in thirty-two countries.

Social Insights

Social insights where data is still lacking.


Dynamic two way communication with those who will shape Africa’s future.

Digital Strategy

Multichannel digital strategy to suit a complex and under-serviced market.

Our Partners

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of the outstanding organizations and individuals that help us in reaching the greatest impact possible. Join organizations such as: