African culture




  • Africa is host to an estimate 1500-2000 different languages and dialects.

  • A population of 1.3 billion people is spread over 54 countries. Over 3000 tribes make Africa one of the most diverse continents in the world.

  • Some of the highest rural population percentages in the world contribute to great Africa’s great diversity, but also to logistical challenges.


Our Work


Africa has a great but forgotten history, but it is a rich and long one that deserves to be known. From the birthplace of mankind, to the pinnacle of civilisation, wealth and learning: Right For Education’s aim is to promote pride and unity in Africa through its history, culture and values. History gives people a strong sense of identity, and our aim is to promote the African identity. A primary focus of R:Ed’s cultural work is to accumulate a library of short histories on African countries, and thus serve as a unique destination for Africans to get to learn about their own and their neighbours’ country histories.


English French
A Short History of the Ancient Kingdom of Da’amat (980 – 400 BC Une courte histoire antique du Royaume de D’mt (980-400 avant JC)
A Short History of the Mali Empire (1235 – 1600 AD) Une courte histoire de l’empire du Mali (1235 – 1600 après JC)
A Series of African Proverbs about the Meaning of “Home” Une série de proverbes africains sur la maison
The First University in the World La plus ancienne université au monde
The Legacy of King Mansa Musa L’héritage du Roi Kanga Moussa
‘It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child’ – An African Saying Il faut un village pour élever un enfant
Why Heritage & Identity are Important for the Community Le patrimoine est important


These learning materials have reached over 4 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa. Countless Africans are learning about their neighbours’ rich history and strong positive values.

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What our Audience says:

“Black history should be treasured, because it holds the key to the past and hope for the future. Without a clear understanding of history, one cannot properly evaluate past mistakes and correct them, and where there is no clear historical experience, the people are easily subjugated….”

A reader from Ghana

“Une descendance. Mon histoire, ton histoire, l’histoire de tout un peuple, l’empire du Ghana ou Ouagadou fût l’une des plus grandes empire, où le civisme régnait, la tolérance, la solidarité, et la fraternité. Nous pouvons dire qu’elle est aujourd’hui le modèle ou l’exemple de plusieurs États. Nous t’embrassons avec toutes notre affections. Mon origine, Ma maison, Notre dénominateur commun, Notre mère, Notre Afrique.”

A reader from Mali

“Thinking back about our own history is very necessary to comprehend what has happened to our forefathers to know a little about our culture, our way of life, our origin, we will be able to say something about our continent, our ancestors, our home and then we will be proud to be an AFRICAN.”

A reader from *Origin unknown*

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