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Right For Education’s aim is not to teach but to promote a business way of thinking. Despite entrepreneurship being such a desired avenue, millions will never get the chance to study business at school. Producing material, that is specifically tailored to an African context, we seek to instigate a better understanding of how money works in the world.


English French
What is Price Elasticity? L’élasticité des prix
What is a Supply Chain? Qu’est-ce que la chaîne logistique?
How to make money with Cost of Goods Sold Gagne d’argent avec le coût des produits vendus
Revenue, Profit, Loss and Market Share Revenue, profit, perte et part de marché
Productivity is important and can be improved with the right techniques Améliorer son niveau de productivité est important et il y a des techniques pour le faire
Lions Ready to Roar: The Rising Economies of Africa Le lion est prêt à rugir : L’économie Africaine en pleine croissance
Learning Business: Companies, Debt and Partnerships Entreprises, dettes et partenariats
Learning Business: The Meaning of Fairness in Business La Significance d’équité en affaires


These learning materials have been met with tremendous enthusiasm, reaching over 2.9 million people. SME’s make for a large majority of businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Financial literacy and access to financial services are therefore paramount to the continent’s economic development.

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What our audience says:

“Being fair to customers undoubtedly attracts a great deal of them.”

A reader from Ghana

“Business is a respected profession and we should all learn about it. Thank you for this information.”

A reader from Kenya

“Il faut savoir gérer les affaires si on veut mettre fin à la pauvreté.”

A reader from Guinea

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