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Our aim is not to teach, but to promote interest in learning. High dropout rates in primary education are a major contributor towards illiteracy. The limited application of academia into real-life Africa, increases the opportunity cost of educating a child. The ten publications below exemplify R:Ed’s commitment to instigating attitude surrounding the importance of reading and education.


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Impact through Education: We can shape society if we educate ourselves L’influence de l’enseignement: Nous pouvons changer la société grâce à l’éducation
A Story of the Student who prepared well for his Exams L’Étudiant bien préparé pour ses examens
Everyone can Read: Just make the first Step Tout le monde sait lire
It is Fun to Read and it Helps us Grow as People Lire est divertissant et nous aide à grandir en tant que personne
Yes to Education - a Poem  
Reading Helps us to Learn More Now and in the Future Lire nous aide à apprendre pour maintenant et le futur
Learn to Read & Write as an Adult Même adulte, il est possible d’apprendre à lire et écrire
Why Reading is Valuable to You, Your Children and the Community La valeur de la lecture pour vous et votre famille
Why Reading is the Path to Learning Lire – Le Chemin aux Connaissances
Educated Women Are Better Prepared to Bring up Children Les femmes instruites sont mieux préparées à élever les enfants


These documents reached over 3.4 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. R:Ed’s large-scale campaigns encompass a variety of approaches and perspectives to generate greater social impact. Africa needs to recognise the importance and benefits of educating every member of the community.

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What our Audience says:

“Getting educated is the only way to get some place in life. This is because through education, we become knowledgeable, useful, valuable. We become voices for the voiceless.”

A reader from Ghana

“C’est vrai qu’il faut que ont donnes une bonne education à nos enfants pour leur conduire à passe une vie heureuse et font leurs propres familles avec une bonne comportement pour les enfants et à tous.”

A reader from Togo

“Thanks so much for posting the poem and thanks to everyone for reading and for the awesome comments. Let’s all say YES TO EDUCATION. God Bless You All.”

A reader from *Origin unknown*

“Education is important especially if you remember that education is the future of Tanzania”

A reader from Tanzania

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