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Right For Education’s aim is to promote a greater understanding regarding the causes and effects of pollution. Pollution and climate change are particularly threatening to less developed countries. These 10 learning materials are examples of how Right For Education promotes individual awareness and the need for government intervention.


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Wildlife Conservation – Protecting Animals and Plants L’Importance de la conservation de la nature
Pollution and what it means for the Environment La pollution et l’environnement
Pollution: Illegal dumping in West Africa La Pollution – Le rejet de déchets illégaux en Afrique de l’Ouest
The Relationship of Climate Change and Farming Le changement climatique et l’agriculture
Erosion: What is it and How Does it Work? L’érosion: qu’est-ce que c’est et comment ça marche?
Light Up Your Home for Free with The Water Lamp La Lampe d’eau
Pollution: Dealing with Plastic Bags La pollution : Gérer les sacs en plastique


These learning materials have reached over 2.9 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa with the purpose of creating greater social awareness around environmental issues. Climate change and pollution affect everyone, and this is reflected in our approach. From farming and agriculture to serious health concerns, this issue concerns every person on an individual level. Knowledge can help create awareness and save the planet for future generations.

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What our Audience says:

“True, we may try but corrupt investors release toxic wastes in the air, open spaces and water bodies. Nobody listens since money has exchanged hands, our conservatory articles go unheeded. But teaching our younger generation better methods to interact with our environment, perhaps that can do the trick. They grow up with more environmentally conservative mindsets.”

A reader from *Origin unknown*

“Stopping pollution of any kind helps to enhance a longer and healthier life. The educated ones should endeavour to teach the non-educated for the benefit of all.”

A reader from Kenya

“La pollution un fléau face auquel une mobilisation mondiale est indispensable pour aider les pays qui subissent ce catastrophe. Les pays pollueurs doivent consentir tous leurs efforts leurs efforts en appuyant financièrement à éradiquer cette menace qui pèse sur l’humanité toute entière.”

A reader from Mali

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