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Whilst the continent is showing tremendous progress, failure to consolidate all the pillars of governance might inevitably hinder Africa’s transition into the future. Right For Education’s purpose is to promote an understanding of governance, and how its interrelated components can work together for the optimal development of Africa.


English Titles French Titles
Why your vote is so important to your Country: Now and in the future Pourquoi votre vote est-il si important pour votre pays?
Theories of Jurisprudence – What is the Study of Law? Les théories de la jurisprudence – Apprendre la loi
Corruption – What is it and What are its Effects? La corruption – Ce qui est et quels sont ses effets?
What is a Democracy and what is the future of Democracy in Africa? Qu’est ce que la démocratie et quel est le futur de la démocratie en Afrique?
Learning about Law: Why do we follow the law? Pourquoi suivons-nous la loi?
The Role of the Police in the Community Quel est le rôle de la police dans la communauté?
Equal inheritance – What does it mean and why is it important? L’importance d’un patrimoine égal
Lions Ready to Roar: The Rising Economies of Africa Le lion est prêt à rugir : L’économie Africaine en pleine croissance
The Meaning of Fairness in Business La Significance d’équité en affaires


These learning materials have reached over 2.4 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa. The feedback from our readers has allowed us to get a deeper understanding of the many differing social attitudes and realities on the continent.

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What our Audience says:

“No fair and free election. No respect to human life’s. No respect to democracy. Nigeria is a good example of such and history has the amounts of many other African country in this same boat of misuse of rights and bad government.”

A reader from Nigeria

I read amazing comments about democracy which included the right to vote for a person of your choice. I have learned a lot in terms of governance , accountability as well as development. It gives me an insight as to how a leader is expected to do in running a government and know that he/she is accountable to the people.

A reader from Ghana

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