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Our aim is to promote better health care knowledge and symptom recognition, improved preventive measures, and to instigate care-seeking behaviour. Limited access to healthcare and lack of health-seeking attitude contribute to the high number of undiagnosed cases. People need to understand the symptoms and causes of disease, so that they may recognise the need to consult a professional.


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What is cholera and why do cholera outbreaks happen? Pourquoi les épidémies de choléra se produisent?
Urinary tract infections - Symptoms and prevention L’Infection urinaire – Symptômes et prévention
What is a virus and how do you know if you have one? C’est quoi un virus?
Mosquitos and Malaria: What is it and how can you prevent getting it? Moustique & malaria
Menstruation and menstrual sanitation Hygiene de menstruation
Learning about Health: HIV and AIDS VIH et Sida- Symptômes et causes
Vaccination: The science behind it all La vaccination : La science derrière tout ceci
Sex: It is okay to use a condom Sexe: Il est normal d’utiliser un préservatif
The severity of blindness caused by eye infection La cécité provoquée par une infection d’oeil
Why drinking water is healthy and important Eau - Boire sain

Communicable diseases like lower respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, diarrheal disease and malaria are responsible for millions of deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa every year. A preventable disease is a preventable death. These ten learning materials reached over 2.3 million people across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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What our Audience says:

“Technology should go with important things like this because most of us can learn something.”

A reader from Ghana

“Prevention is better and even cheaper than cure. Protect your environment and your environment will protect you against diseases out break and other infections. Also, I think the government need to put more emphasis on preventive health care systems in Nigeria or any African nation rather than spending billions on hospitals alone.”

A reader from Nigeria

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