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Whilst human rights are recognised in the constitutions of most Sub-Saharan countries, traditions and customs severely limit their implementation. Social attitude and cultural norms are one of the major contributors towards the dearth of basic rights throughout the region. R:Ed’s aim is to promote African values that have a positive effect on society; challenging traditions that directly contribute to the stunted development of Human Rights.


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Impact through Education L’influence de l’enseignement
How Child labour takes away basic human rights for your child Comment le travail des enfants enlève les droits humains fondamentaux de votre enfant
What is Human Trafficking and What to Watch Out For? Qu’est ce que le trafic d’être humain?
Why Human Rights are a Universal Right for Everybody in this World Why Human Rights are a Universal Right for Everybody in this World
Women Have the Right to Refuse Sex Le Droit de Refuser Les Rapports Sexuels
What is the Difference Between Civil and Human Rights Quelle est la Différence entre les Droits Civils et les Droits de l’Homme
The Foundations of Human Rights: Freedom, Equality and Morality Quels sont les Droits de l’Homme?
Female Genital Mutilation and its Harmful Consequences Mutilation Génitale Féminine
Child Abuse: Why it is wrong and what its effects are L’abus sur mineur: En quoi est-ce mal et quelles en sont les conséquences?


Social attitude is one of the driving forces resulting in the lack of implementation of human rights. Targeting both those who contribute to the social injustices, and those who fall victim to it, these 10 learning materials have reached over 4 million people. Using a variety of approaches, we are able to promote awareness on how human rights inevitably lead to greater human development and economic growth.


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What our Audience says:

“Their rights are being left aside. Children are God’s gift, tomorrow’s future. We should love them no matter if they’re not from our womb. They deserve equal treatments.”

A reader from Tanzania

“Toujours les mêmes larmes qui mouillent les jeux des enfants Africain en particulier.”

A reader from Mali

“Really human rights is the first thing to observe in a community as for us in Africa human rights are violated, especially the rights of the poor. I think Africa should take huge presses on this.”

A reader from Ghana

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