Our Approach

Our Mission


We believe in help through self-help. Education is the best way to end poverty.


Our mission is to provide all Africans an equal opportunity to live a healthy, financially secure and happy life.

Right for Education is a digital movement seeking to promote positive African values and be a catalyst for social change.

We want to create a pan-African community consisting of millions of members, all learning and debating important African issues in a safe and trusted environment.

We want to inspire the rest of the world that Africa is ready to become an equal partner in our global world.

How We Work


The key to pan-African communication is listening. From financial literacy to the environment, R:Ed is a community where millions of Africans learn and discuss key African issues. Constantly monitoring, analysing and adapting to our audience, we successfully manage to bridge the gap between other cultures and the direction of their needs.


We give people in even the remotest regions in Sub-Saharan Africa direct access to vital educational resources

As an official partner of Facebook internet.org’s Free Basics platform, our materials are available without data charge to an ever-increasing population that is being connected to the internet. Our online platform allows people from all over the continent, and particularly in remote locations, direct access to invaluable information. We connect with our audience directly, so there is no risk of losing the message through intermediaries.


We tackle complicated issues, where right and wrong depends on the context


Native African systems and customs derive from African society, and not from foreign influence. We use an ethno-relative approach, demonstrating a core understanding of African values and norms that for the foundation of an issue. An objective and positive view facilitates discussion of sensitive topics. Our readers are encouraged to discuss and develop their own views, which varies depending on the context and their cultural background. Our content takes our audience’s circumstances into account and has the potential of saving lives. With the appropriate language and arguments, we ensure that our reading material is accessible to all.


We are about learning, not about teaching


R:Ed not only provides people access to information, we motivate them to learn. We publish articles that highlight the benefits of learning, all in an African context. We believe the most efficient teaching tool is inspiring others to learn.

Our Audience


Right For Education is unique. It is a community of millions of people across over 35 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, all reading, commenting and debating complex African issues. Right For Education is completely bilingual in French and English, breaking down the barriers of entry for the entire continent.

Our constant exposure to our audience provides invaluable insight into real-life social attitudes on key topics.


We have one of the fastest growing Facebook pages in Africa because we understand and know how to communicate with our audience.


Research conducted by the GSMA found that one of the greatest barriers to internet usage in Sub-Saharan Africa was from lack of awareness and locally relevant content. As of 2017, Facebook remains the the most effective way of communicating with Africa. 44% of the total internet users on the continent use Facebook regularly. As of March 2017, Right For Education’s followers represent 2.07% of the total Facebook users in the whole of Africa.


With 3+ million followers across over 35 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, our audience is engaging, diverse and very unique.


Despite the significant gender gap in mobile phone ownership and internet usage between men and women, 33% of R:Ed’s total followers are female. Facebook’s largest age demographic in men and women is reflected in our Fanbase, with men and women aged 18-24 representing 35% and 16%, respectively.