Our Partners


Our partners form the pillars of our success. Outstanding organisations and individuals from all over the world, along with our community on the ground in Ghana, continue to provide their unwavering support for our mission. Our unified resolve to improve the lives of others guarantees Right For Education’s place at the forefront of social change in Sub-Saharan Africa.


African Partners

A short message from Ewefiaga Togbui AGBOLI K. F. AGOKOLI IV

“As the king of the Ewe in Togo and a member of the National Human Rights Commission, I work with many NGOs in Togo, particularly in the field of education, because I strongly believe in all the possibilities that education can enable a person to fulfil. These possibilities are endless and we should devote time and effort to educating children as well as adults, now for a better and stronger future.”

Togbui endorses R:Ed for its unique esteem for culture, traditions and African values: “I support the Right for Education project founded by Dr. Susann Dattenberg-Doyle, Nana Ngoryisi Dziwornu of Gbi Kpoeta (Ghana) for the promotion of education in Africa.”

Ewefiaga Togbui AGBOLI K. F. AGOKOLI IV Chef canton de Notsé, Président du Conseil National des Chefs Traditionnels du Togo (CNCTT), Membre de la Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme (CNDH)

Content Partner


It is through our content partners that we can reach millions of people, in even the remotest regions, on a daily basis. Facebook internet.org’s Free Basics platform allows us to distribute our content to an ever-increasing population that is being connected to the internet.



Right for Education’s strong foundation is its community of expert authors. From Law and Women’s Rights to Business, African culture and the Environment; Right for Education brings people from all over the world together to share their expert knowledge with a growing community in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Corporate Partners


It is because of of our corporate sponsor that we continue to be able to provide millions of people in Africa with educational content free of charge.

Product Partner


Our product partners enable us to bring out technical products that are tailored specifically to the audience we serve. Together, we design and implement educational products that reach the right people in the best way possible.


Education Partners


Our education partners continue to serve as an invaluable source for knowledge, research and resources that help us in achieving our mission.

Moritz-Heynman Scholarship Foundation

Oxford University Careers Service